Woodman Architect and Associates Ltd., founded by Robert Woodman in 1995, is an Ottawa-based architectural consulting firm that offers a comprehensive range of professional services within the commercial and large scale residential/mixed use development sectors in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Québec. The visible proof of the architectural and urban planning expertise of Woodman Architect is illustrated by the several million square feet of commercial, residential and institutional projects currently existing throughout the Ottawa region. Some notable projects completed by Woodman Architect include the Infinity Center, Legendary Warehouse lofts and many well-known chain hotels in the Ottawa area. The evidence of our completed work and the underlying sources of our strength give us confidence in our future role in architecture. We enjoy our work, thrive on the demands of our profession and take pride in our achievements.


The various projects completed by Woodman Architect speak eloquently to the firm’s competence and are grounded in a set of vital principles. First and foremost, our client’s interests are paramount. We dedicate ourselves intently to the pre-planning, design, production, tendering, field review and post construction process. Our second principle is founded on the premise that every project is unique. The way we marshal our resources is determined by the project itself. Third, we strive to exhibit a creative mastery of both the latest technologies and the best strategies available. Our reputation for innovative solutions and leadership is based on how we use our knowledge. We combine design flair with a full understanding of construction technology along with sound business management to analyze problems and develop workable solutions. We understand and appreciate the necessity of harmonious inter-relationships between client representatives, consultants, various public and private sectors and the community, to minimize delays and effectively overcome project complexities. Fourth, we recognize the need for responsible cost control. Our completed projects have reached up to 70 million dollars in value. During our 44 years of practice we have always worked closely with the client to ensure the cost of construction is consistent with the estimated budget.

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